When's Good

What does it do?

At user experience workshops people often asked us the same question: 'Why stop at room availability? Can't you do something about invitee availability as well?'

Clients wanted an all-encompassing solution that would allow them to check and juggle the availability of attendees and rooms simultaneously, something that would take the heavy lifting out of scheduling appointments - without having to access multiple systems.

'When’s Good?' is our solution to that problem. Its deep integration to MS Exchange makes it possible for 'When's Good?' to assess both people and room commitments in order to work out the optimum possible meeting times according to your criteria. It then offers a choice of the best appointments i.e. those that invitees are most likely to accept. The result is that arranging meetings can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.


The same close relationship to MS Exchange makes the system easy and intuitive for users of MS Outlook - people usually get the hang of 'When's Good?' within a matter of minutes.