Where's Free

Where’s Free uses technology in an entirely new way to provide meeting and room scheduling solutions for organisations of all sizes, from the smallest venture occupying a single building to multinationals based on multiple sites.


Our Solution 

The meeting room challenge

Organisations that use office space inefficiently waste considerable sums on rooms that sit empty or that are under-used. At the same time their employees struggle to find somewhere to hold a meeting or to sit and work.

The root of the problem is often one of visibility rather than a genuine space shortage. Where’s Free provides visibility of your meeting space opportunities and actual utilisation (without relying on digital signage) all at a fraction of the cost of relocating.

Where’s Free doesn’t just passively capture information about space utilisation. It is also capable of carrying out interventions in real time, for example by curtailing a room booking if people leave early because their meeting finishes ahead of time. Applying interventions like these can ‘give back’ up to 20% of your organisation’s real estate.


About Us

Our team is made up of highly experienced information technologists, electrical engineers and business analysts. We have extensive knowledge of, and specialise in, IoT, MS Office and data analysis.

Based in the heart of London, we are familiar and conversant with the challenges that surround meeting and work-space room-finding and believe we have created a  platform that solves this issue comprehensively, effectively and definitively.


More recently, our company has progressed to solve the related problem of managing the availability of groups of people, in addition to the rooms. Our software assists meeting organisers by speeding up what is usually a frustrating and laborious process. We continue to add to our suite of products, all of which will be aimed at making life at work a little easier for busy workers within any industry.

Our team includes former employees of:

  • PA Consulting Group

  • Thomson Reuters

  • GlaxoSmithKline plc

  • HJ Heinz Inc

  • Oracle (Siebel) Corporation

  • Cendant Corporation (Cims Ltd)

  • Infosys Technologies

  • Infosys Consulting

  • Unisys Corporation

We have provided consulting and IT services to:

  • Akzo Nobel NV

  • Anglian Water

  • British Telecom plc

  • BDO Stoy Hayward

  • Bird & Bird

  • Charles Schwab Corporation

  • Citibank

  • Diageo plc

  • Group Steria SCA

  • HBOS plc

  • HSBC Investment Bank

  • ING Group

  • Kuwait Petroleum plc

  • Motability

  • Nomura

  • Norwich Union Healthcare

  • Orange SA

  • Prudential plc

  • Ricoh Company , Ltd

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Group

  • Santander Group

  • Slough Borough Council

  • StepStone GmbH

  • Tesco.com

  • The Law Society of England & Wales

  • Thus

  • Vodafone Group plc

  • Zurich Insurance Group


What does it do?

Where's Free is more than a simple room-finding and room-booking tool. It offers a number of extensions to MS Outlook and MS Exchange. Our design principle is that anything handled well in MS Outlook is left to MS Outlook, whereas anything that can be meaningfully improved is. The result is a pairing of applications that complement each other - MS Office and Where's Free work hand in hand to deliver a user experience that is genuinely helpful.

Where's Free is sensible and shows all four states:

   (a) Booked and occupied

   (b) Booked but not occupied

   (c) Not booked but occupied

   (d) Not booked and not occupied

Most online calendars provide users with visibility of only half of these situations i.e. reporting that a room is booked but without stating whether it is actually vacant or occupied. Where's Free provides the whole picture by showing all four states.

This more comprehensive visibility makes it possible to use facilities more efficiently. For example, people who can see which rooms are reserved but not occupied have the opportunity to use a room temporarily without necessarily making a booking.

Alternatively, enabling the flexible auto-cancel and auto-curtail functions can un-reserve rooms that sit empty - effectively adding to the footprint of an organisation's meeting room estate.


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